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3-CHIP Full HD Camera 6688

Cymo HD6688 endoscopy camera is a new high definition endoscopy camera, which delivers the clearest, and sharpest image. With the native progressive scan the HD6688 provides the sharpest detail with unrivaled natural color rendition at the highest spatial and temporal resolution. Even the finest details in tissue structures are distinguishable. HD6688 will definitely enhance the capabilities of surgeons performing minimal invasive procedures. Furthermore, with the Cymo "5D Action" control technology, the camera offers the greatest operational flexibility to the users.

3 1/3" 16:9 chip image sensors at full HD resolution 1920 x 1080 pixels
Brilliant image, extreme light sensitivity and excellent color reproduction due to separate RGB(red, green and blue) image acquisition channels.

Cymo "5D Action" head key controls up to 10 programmable functions
Cymo "5D Action" control technology offers the greatest operational flexibility to the users.

Advanced image processor
The advanced digital image processor provides precise color reproduction by using 12 elements in color matrix.


6688 Controller


6688 Camera Head

Five Endoscope settings for using different type of endoscopes
The camera offers 5 endoscopy modes for using different type of endoscopes or preferred settings for 5 users.


6688 USB Recording


6688 Head Connection

Full digital chain
The 10bit digital HD-SDI delivers an uncompressed digital video signal without any loss of informaiton. The digital HD-SDI output can be directly connected to a digital high definition video monitor or to a digital frame grabber.