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1-CHIP HD Camera 1156

The endoscopy camera 1156 is a low-cost ultra-high sensitive endoscopy camera. With the latest chip technology, the 1156 camera provides two times higher sensitivity compared to conventional cameras. This substantially reduces the requirements to the light source. The camera incorporates a 10bit digital image processor which offers superior colour rendition and high dynamic range. The excellent price-benefit ratio makes the 1156 an ideal camera for micro endoscopic surgery and diagnoistic endoscopic procedures.

Key features
- 1/3" chip high sensitivity image
- Six types of endoscopy settings
- Freeze function
- 2.5 x digital zoom
- Mirror and flip function
- Rotation function
- Digital anti-Moiré function for using with a flexible endoscope
- Illuminated control buttons on the front panel
- Programmable control buttons on the camera head
- Patient information via an external keyboard

Camera head
Waterproof camera head with C-mount thread for adapter lenses.
A full-metal housing offers the best performance and quality.


1156 Controller


1156 Camera Head

Control Unit
The full 10-bit digital image processing provides a high dynamic image and excellent colour rendition.
A water-resistant front panel provides a clean and safe operation environment. Featuring backlit control buttons, the control function is easy to use even in a very dark room, for instance, an operating room.


1156 Front Panel


1156 Camera Head Connection