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Custom 3Chip OEM Solution

The 3-Chip-videocamera for ODM applications has been developed for easy integration into custom systems. It can be used in a wide range of different applications, especially in the medical field. It is based on a strictly digital RGB processing by DSP before encoding to CVBS or Y/C. 3 Chip camera head with high resolution, utilizing pixel shifting technology.

Prism Block

- Resolution > 750 TV lines
- 3x1/3” Chip or 3x 1/4" CCD
- Video Composite, Y/C and RGB Sync
- Shutter speed up to 1/100.000sec
- Auto color shading
- White balance AUTO/SET up to 6,000K
- Cable length up to 10m
- Colorbar generator onboard
- All camera parameters adjustable via PC Software
- adjustable contrast-enhancement
- Color settings / masking
- High resolution by pixel shifting technology